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Council works to tie up loose ends

Basehor City Hall is at 2620 N. 155th St.

Basehor City Hall is at 2620 N. 155th St.

May 7, 2013

Basehor City Council is working to close the book on several city issues that have kept resurfacing throughout the past few years.

At its work session Monday night, council members agreed to allow the Basehor Historical Society to move the Reuben Basehor Library to the City Park. The society has been trying for several years to find a new home for the small structure, which sits on private property near Leavenworth Drive and 155th Street.

With the council and park board’s permission, to be finalized at the council’s regular meeting May 20, the society will begin fundraising to cover relocation costs as well as some sort of fencing to protect the structure from vandalism, said Carla Crawford, Basehor Historical Museum director.

On another recurring issue, the council is working to finalize an agreement to transfer the deed of the triangular piece of property at 150th Street and State Avenue back to property owner First State Bank and Trust. Stretching back to 2006, the property issue has resurfaced many times after a construction project to straighten out 150th Street was canceled.

The land was supposed to be returned to First State Bank and Trust, but the transaction was complicated because Kansas Department of Transportation was also involved in the deal. After months of work, Interim City Administrator Lloyd Martley said, the city has created an agreement that should satisfy all parties involved.

Council members will vote on the agreement at its regular meeting.

Council President Travis Miles also aims to clear up a lingering issue with Leavenworth County Sewer District No. 3. Miles made a motion in October to lower the district’s out-of-city sewer rate from 150 percent to the normal in-city rate as long as residents voluntarily annexed into Basehor. Under the motion the district would also receive a refund for the higher rate.

Miles said it became apparent residents in the district weren’t interested in annexing, and it may not be in the city’s best interest to tackle the annexation anyway. Miles revised his motion Monday to offer the district the normal in-city sewer rate, but without annexation or the refund.

“If annexing was going to be done, it should’ve been done long ago,” Miles said.

The council will discuss finalizing an agreement at its regular meeting.

Also at the meeting:

• The council discussed changing its meeting date policy. Under the new policy, if a regular meeting lands on a federal holiday, the meeting will be rescheduled to the following Tuesday instead of the next Monday.

• Council members discussed an ordinance to repeal an existing ordinance that allows property owners to pay a fee in lieu of constructing sidewalks that otherwise would be required for development. The fee would be paid to the city to construct sidewalks later when they were needed. The city had difficulty enforcing the ordinance and Basehor Community Library was the only development that paid the fee, about $8,000. In addition to approving the repeal, the library would be refunded.

• The council set a Comprehensive Plan joint review session for 6-8 p.m. Monday, June 10, at Basehor Community Library.

• Council members discussed a grinder pump agreement for Sutton Kolman Automotive and Safe Harbor Pet Boarding and Day Care as part of the Briarwood Estates annexation. The agreement dismisses the city from any responsibility for upkeep or repairs of the grinder pump, which was installed to hook up to city sewer service.

• The council reviewed the annual appointments of: Lloyd Martley, police chief; William Pray; municipal court judge; and Corey Swisher, city clerk and treasurer. The following planning commissioners’ terms have expired and are also up for reappointment: Fred Farris, Terry Gall, Jon Gallion and Ed Bush.

• Council members discussed expanding a fireworks exemption to allow fireworks daily until 10 p.m. Thursday, July 4 through Saturday, July 6.

• The council discussed the purchase of 13 Karbon Arms Tasers, related accessories and training not to exceed $15,000.

• The council discussed establishing a new median rate for new residential sewer customers of about $45 with rate adjustments occurring May 1 each year.

• Council members discussed bringing back former City Prosecutor KiAnn McBratney to replace current City Prosecutor Mike Kelly. Martley said the change was not due to any issues on Kelly’s part.

• Council members met in executive session for 45 minutes to discuss non-elected personnel matters and acquisition of property.


armystrong 5 years ago

Nice to see that the important "loose ends" are getting handled. ( I am glad for the BHS, needed )

Unfortunately this town council is so disappointing and sadly is obviously lacking in leadership, Openness and professionalism!

Leadership, like allowing your friend to play police Chief and city administrator for obvious reasons; we won't even talk about all the NEW cars and Toys! Openness, like how quiet they are about anything negative that gets past their little safety net Running The City! Professionalism, like a police commander rolling around town with a darn KU tag on a city owned vehicle for years. ( Reported twice ) Ignoring a Chief that is very much OK with a NEW police officer getting a DUI and the revolving door that is BPD. ( I could go on and on)

Our new City Motto " If you can't hide it or lie about it; just pretend it Never Happened." Like the Mayor's and City Administrator's supporters always say " Just Get Out if you don't like it." As soon as I can get a new assignment our house will join the other two new sales in our neighborhood along with the other three that have been up for sale FOR YEARS!! JoCo here we come. Wake Up!

This town needs to change or all the positive things that have happened in the past six to eight years are gone along with this town's Reputation, Again! At least Johnson Co. has city leaders that don't tolerant repeated bad decisions, reward them with raises, and give them the key to the city for two years. WTH! I wish just one of you Council members had the Guts to at least say I'm looking into the problems, not just keep pretending there is none.

We ( my wife and I ) picked Basehor for its rural charm, close to Leavenworth, and the schools. But I'll be darned if I live in a town where people and the elected officials don't care about Wrong and Right!


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