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Mowing a good time to ponder everyday problems

September 3, 2013

While it may sound strange, I have discovered that a good place to conjure up random thoughts is while mowing. I enjoy mowing, and I only use the riding mower in the backyard where it’s flat. This means in general you are cruising around the yard and it is a relatively mindless task. Well, unless I mess up, turn a corner too close and cut off one of my wife’s flowers. Take it from one who knows, that certainly isn’t a good thing to do.

One random thought that occurred to me is why are sports’ fans so fickle? Take the Royals’ followers — a couple of weeks ago when KC was winning every game, everyone was on the bandwagon. They tailed off with a losing streak and the fans were gone and busying themselves with a myriad of complaints. I tell people that while I enjoy watching winning baseball, I just enjoy watching the sport. The Royals put on a great show as far as I’m concerned, win or lose. The T-Bones, who have had a tough season, also remain fun to watch.

If the Royals get on a long winning streak, I’ll bet a lot of fair-weather fans will be jumping back on the bandwagon.

I always get amused when I hear people complaining about the clothes worn by teenagers. In my opinion today’s fashions will also change. I remember when I was in high school, and it takes a good memory to remember something that happened that long ago, those of us in journalism class looked at yearbooks from the 1920s and 1930s and snickered at their clothes. We thought what we wore would always be fashionable but that’s not true. Our choice of clothing is now laughable.

I suspect that young people now find cheerleaders in the 1950s amusing wearing ankle length full-skirts with white saddle shoes. Boys’ fashions included rolled up jeans and white T-shirts. No there were no advertising messages on T-shirts in those long ago days.

I wonder why auto advertisements on TV have to be so loud. Usually, the announcer usually shouts at the top of his lungs. If they think that screaming will get my attention, but that doesn’t happen – I just find the mute button.

In fact, on the subject of “loud,” I have no idea why all music has to be played at full volume. Certainly, I have a hard time listening to most modern music. To me most of it sound as if a group of musicians are tuning up with a singer seeing how loud he can shout. You can see by now, that I’m not into modern music.

One of my pet peeves is littering. Look downtown after Tiblow Days and the gutters were littered. There is absolutely no reason that folks can’t throw trash in the convenient receptacles.

I don’t understand why the Kansas City radio market doesn’t have a classical music station. In years to come I doubt that many folks will be classical music fans because they haven’t been introduced to it. I’m glad to have taken music appreciation in grade school. We had a good teacher who played classical music and we were required to write a story based on the music. It was a great learning opportunity.

I really don’t know why there are so many negative people in the world. Life is wonderful and I enjoy every day. There is no reason to be opposed to everything. I’ve said this before, but I am extremely positive about the future. I wish everyone would join in working for the best future possible.

I always have lots of random thoughts, but I just finished the final strip of grass. It’s time to put the lawnmower away and enjoy the modern wonder of air conditioning.


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