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Basehor Country Place Living to hold Pancake Day Race

February 28, 2014

— Country Place Senior Living of Basehor is holding its first International Pancake Day Race at 2 p.m. on Mar. 4 and is competing with other Country Place Senior Living residences across Kansas and Texas.

The race will be held on the same day of the original Internation Pancake Day race that is celebrated annually in Olney, England, and Liberal, Kansas.

In Olney, the Pancake Race tradition dates back more than 500 years to 1445. The legend says, according to the International Pancake Day Race website, that a woman engrossed in using up cooking fats (forbidden during Lent) was making pancakes and heard the church bells ring calling everyone to service. She grabbed her head scarf (required in church) and ran to the church, skillet and pancake in hand and still apron-clad. In following years, neighbors got into the act and it became a race to see who could reach the church first and collect a "Kiss of Peace" from the verger (bell-ringer), according to the website. The race in Liberal, KS began in 1950 and the two towns have competed for the fastest pancake race runner since.

Country Place residences are now getting in on the action, with some small twists. The Mar. 4 race will be a relay with four team members made up of residents and staff members. Each residence will time the relay as the 4 team members “race” wearing an apron and headscarf and carrying a frying pan. The residence with the fastest relay time will win a pancake feast prepared by the Country Place Living corporate staff wearing the traditional pancake race attire of aprons and headscarves.

Basehor community members are invited and encouraged to attend the event. To learn more about Country Place Senior Living or the Country Place Pancake Race, call Ginny Cross, Director at 913-662-7330.


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