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Black ministers start campaign against voter ID laws

June 9, 2014

— A group of black ministers has returned to their homes after a conference in Wichita vowing to encourage a get-out-the-vote campaign to fight voter ID laws.

The ministers met are members of the Midwest Conference Fifth Episcopal District, which represents 120 churches in Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri. They met last week for their annual Midwest conference in Wichita.

The ministers contend voter ID laws weaken civil rights by making it harder for minorities and first-time voters to cast ballots.

The Wichita Eagle reports the ministers plan to work with community organizations and colleges to register new voters. The goal is to mobilize at least 80 percent of eligible voters in their churches and communities to vote in this year’s primary and general elections.


Frank Bryant 4 years ago

I am amazed that anyone could claim that voter ID laws violate civil rights. Picture ID's are required in many aspects of life. Claiming that minorities are not able to obtain ID's is racist. The absurdity is that black pastors are diminishing the abilities of their own race. Sad. Just toeing the democrat line, I guess.


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