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A plan to reap the benefits of a ‘lucky’ number

March 10, 2014

On Sunday, March 9, I celebrated my 77th birthday and, according to a friend, this will be a very good year for me. He believes that the number “7” is very lucky and double seven will make it even a better 12 months for me.

I did a bit of research on the idea that seven is a lucky number, and I was surprised to discover that numerous cultures and religions hold that belief.

Do I have a lucky number? I thought if I had a lucky number, it would be five. When playing football in high school I wore 25. During my college career I wore 65 one year and 55 for the rest of my career.

Then again, Looking at my record as a football player, I don’t think that five was particularly good for me.

I was asked if anything major in my life had happened on the seventh. I explained that one of the many big events that took place was our oldest daughter, Jill, was born on Sept. 7. Daughter number two, Melody, was born on March 17. Suddenly it occurred to me that I had my first date with Jean on Feb. 7, 1958, and we were married on June 7, 1959. At that point I began to wonder if seven was indeed my lucky number. While I don’t believe in lucky numbers, seven has been a big part of my life.

Certainly the most ill-fated day in the month is March 15, which is the “Ides of March.” On that date in 44 B.C. Julius Caesar was assassinated at the Roman Senate by as many as 60 conspirators led by Brutus and Cassius. Now I doubt anyone would know the date if it wasn’t for Shakespeare’s play, “Julius Caesar.” I think what makes the Ides of March more haunting is that in the play, Caesar is warned to stay away from the senate. Even though it is just a play, it has become part of folk legend.

Again, I don’t believe the Ides of March are dangerous or unlucky. Well, I guess they could be for basketball teams who lose in “March Madness” or one of the many other tournaments that spice up the month. In most cases they don’t lose because of bad luck, they lose because of missed free throws, bad passes and defensive lapses.

I tried to think of anything bad that happened to me on the seventh day of any month and I came up empty. On the other hand I remember one bad March 9 when I was in the seventh grade. We were playing basketball at Osawatomie and I made it my goal to score nine points. I probably took many shots, but not enough fell. I did get one thing during the game: A broken nose. It wasn’t the best way to celebrate a birthday.

Seriously, I’m really not a believer in luck. Yes, sometimes good things just seem to happen but most of the times it is the result of prior effort. I think that luck is really an opportunity that presents itself and it is up to you to take advantage of it. Opportunities happen on any date and at any time, the challenge is to recognize them and take advantage.

As far as the next year is concerned, I am going to have a great time. Let’s see, I have three grandchildren graduating and that will be fun. I have grandsons competing in sports and I have older grandsons who enjoy attending baseball games. If you add in a wonderful wife, daughters and sons-in-law, you can see why I’ll be lucky during the next 12 months.

Finally, I wanted to mention I had a wrong name in last week's column about Vaughn-Trent Community Services. Richard Tomlin is a member of the Vaughn-Trent board, not Richard Tombs.


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