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Bonner Springs snow crews survive winter unscathed

March 11, 2014

The Bonner Springs Public Works Department made it through this winter season relatively unscathed.

As the city looks to face what will hopefully be the last chance of snow until next winter — a 30 percent chance for three hours tonight, starting at midnight — Kevin Bruemmer, public works director, said snow removal this winter went smoothly.

The city runs six trucks with six operators on 12-hour shifts during the larger storms. Bruemmer said the city used about 500 tons of salt/sand mix this winter and was "never in a position where we were close to running out."

The snow removal and sand trucks also held up much better this year — at one point last year during one of the two 9-inch snowstorms, five of the six vehicles were in for repairs.

"As always, there were some minor repairs necessary as the equipment is worked hard and takes a beating," Bruemmer said. "We were able to minimize any downtime and get them back in service quickly."

Bruemmer said the workers get the credit for keeping things running smoothly.

"I would like to stress how well the crews handled a tough winter, with long hours, hard work, extreme cold, little rest, etc.," he said. "They take pride in their work and are dedicated to making the streets as safe as possible. You can have the best equipment available, but it takes a dedicated, well-trained staff to get the results the citizens expect."

Bruemmer also thanked the Utilities Department employees — two to three join the public works employees to round out the crew and keep all the trucks running.

"With the kind of winter we had, the Utilities people proved invaluable," Bruemmer said.

One thing that will help out next winter will be the city's purchase of a new dump truck, which Bruemmer said should be delivered this summer.


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