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Basehor considers plans for stormwater drainage near 155th and Parallel

December 9, 2015

The Basehor City Council Monday discussed a project to address stormwater drainage off 155th Street.

In its workshop, the council reviewed design concepts and a contract for improving a drainage ditch, starting at Parallel just east of 155th Street, running south and then west between Chestnut and Landauer to 155th Street. The project, which will be funded with bonds the city issued earlier this year, is meant to help address flooding similar to what occurred during the July 6 storm, which caused damage in several areas of the city.

Lloyd Martley, city administrator and chief of police, said the ditch is one of several projects the city staff considered to clean up stormwater issues in the city.

“(The ditch) just doesn’t flow the way it’s supposed to flow, so we can’t get the water going where it needs to go,” Martley said.

The city has been working with MHS Engineering for two months to create a design for improvements. Gene Myracle, city superintendent, said correcting the stormwater issues previously has been a problem because a sanitary sewer line runs right underneath a portion of the drainage ditch, so part of the project will be relocating the sewer line a few feet north.

“Over the past 10 years, we or our contractors have made repairs there, but during excavation, we run into (sewer line) laterals that come from the residences, not allowing us to get to the grade we need for the ditch,” he said.

The project will also regrade the ditch and put berms and bank stabilization in some areas, which should vastly improve flood protection, particularly for five homes whose back yards line the ditch. Martly said currently, up to two feet of water will pool in their yards after storms. There are 19 homes total whose properties border the drainage ditch.

Councilman Travis Miles asked if any of the five homes noted had experienced flooding during the July 6 storm. Myracle said if they did, they did not contact the city to report it, but he noted water did pool up to street level on 155th Street near the ditch during that storm.

Matt Henderson of MHS Engineering told the council that one unknown was the improvement of stormwater pipes running underneath 155th Street — there will either be one large pipe or two 36-inch pipes. Water and gas lines in the area could be too costly to relocate to allow for one large pipe, he said.

The estimated total project cost is $350,000, and it would be bid for construction in the spring. The city issued bonds for this project as well as for improvements to Donahoo Road and a sidewalk on Leavenworth Road. It only designated about $300,000 of bond funding for the stormwater project.

However, Martley said the city budgeted for 2016 knowing that it might need additional capital improvement funds for the stormwater project.

Mayor David Breuer said it would be important to get information about the project to surrounding property owners. Myracle and Martley said they have spoken with five property owners so far and all had been in favor of the project.

The council will give official approval of the design and engineering contract at its Dec. 21 meeting.

In other business at the workshop, the council also conducted a 20-minute executive session to discuss nonelected personnel matters.


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