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World Champion Royals’ ‘never give up’ attitude inspirational

November 3, 2015

Like all Kansas City area residents, I am bursting with pride that our Royals are World Champions. They provided a summer of outstanding entertainment with their many thrilling come-from-behind victories. They are, in my opinion, the best and most exciting Royals team ever.

I remember the last championship 30 years ago. You see I was one of the lucky ones who was in attendance as Bret Saberhagen shut down the Cardinals. Yes, I was there on that Saturday night when the Royals came from behind to force a seventh game. Probably the most optimistic fan was a rather large lady in a blue dress carrying a sign stating “I won’t sing tonight.” On Sunday she changed her sign to “the fat lady sings tonight.”

As I drove home, I had no idea that it would be three decades before there was another championship. As fans we were spoiled and expected success every year, and that certainly wasn’t the case. In just a few years our idea of success changed. It was a good season when the Royals didn’t lose 100 games. Our goals changed from expecting success to accepting mediocracy and complaining about the team.

Thanks to the fans who stuck with the team through the lean years. I admit I am one who came into every season with optimism. Deep down I have to admit I have been a bit amazed at the Royals rapid climb to the top. Let’s thank the fans who flocked to Kauffman Stadium to set an attendance record this year and loyal television viewers who boosted ratings to the top. The team was composed of very charismatic and likeable young men, and we almost felt we got to know them personally.

It seems to me we can learn several lessons from the Royals this season, and the most important is never give up. No matter how far they were behind I always felt they could come back and, yes, they most often did. That really is a good lesson for life. Yes, bad things happen because people, like ball players, make errors. There are bad breaks in life just as there are bad hops in baseball. Sometimes we get unjust calls. But rather than give up, do whatever you can to catch up. We all need to have the fighting spirit that the Royals showed all season. Maybe we should look at situations when we fall behind as opportunities.

The Royals players believed in themselves. They had the “yes we can” attitude all year long. They had self-confidence and they knew that if they kept on they could win. They paid no attention to naysayers who didn’t believe they could win. They didn’t let criticism cut them down.

It is interesting to remember that just a couple of years ago there were lots of so-called fans who wanted Ned Yost fired, or those who blamed the Glass family for the team’s inept play. The Royals’ management didn’t waver. They had a plan and they stuck to it, and the result was a championship team. In life we have to have a dream and hold on to it. Yes, you may have to make changes, but the important concept is never quit. Ned should be manager of the year, and I am glad the Glass family had the faith to keep the team in Kansas City.

Now that the season is over evenings may get a bit boring. Yes, while I love football and college basketball on TV, I will find myself looking forward to the next season and maybe a repeat by our beloved Royals.


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