Township firefighters add EMS equipment

October 28, 2015

The Reno and Sherman township fire departments in Leavenworth County have implemented a new medical program in their response areas.

The fire departments report that the program began more than a year ago with the development of medical protocols which allow for first responders to treat a multitude of medical emergencies and traumatic injuries.

New medical bags for first responder vehicles and personnels were purchased with grant funds. They give first responders the ability to go directly to the scene of severely ill or injured patients to begin treatment. Previously, firefighters were dependent on fire trucks arriving before lifesaving equipment was available.

First responders now have Lifepak 12 Heart Monitor/Defibrillators, which help personnel determine if someon is having an active heart attack in addition providing a shock for hearts that have stopped. They also carry tourniquets and hemostatic gauze to stop severe bleeding.

Additional equipment include IV access capability for lifesaving medications and advanced airway equipment to place a breathing tube.

The Sherman Township is just south of State Avenue/Highway 24-40 and west of Bonner Springs. The Reno Township is to the west of Sherman and south of Tonganoxie, covering the southwest corner of the county.

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