Looking back 70 years to V-J Day
August 3, 2015
It was a day that the world had planned, hoped and prayed for — it had been a long and costly journey. Yet, it finally happened at 6 p.m. local time on Tuesday, Aug. 14, 1945.
New enthusiasm for Royals baseball impressive
July 28, 2015
What a difference a winning baseball team with extremely popular players makes. I couldn’t help but marvel at the enthusiasm and energy while attending a Kansas City Royals game last week.
Smart phone purchase leaves operator feeling dumb
July 20, 2015
I have retreated from my original entrenched position — I have purchased a smart phone.
Shorts a necessity when mercury rises
July 13, 2015
I’ll be the first to embrace the fact that I have never been on the cutting edge of men’s fashion.
Death knell is sounding for the phone book
July 7, 2015
The past 100 years has resulted in a variety of once-necessary items joining the dinosaurs and dodo birds in becoming extinct.
Summer may be half over, but there are still events to be enjoyed
June 30, 2015
It hardly seems possible that it is July! That means 2015 is half over and wasn’t it yesterday we were celebrating the New Year?
Remembering another important day in United States history
June 23, 2015
This is the time of year when we reflect on our nation’s great history and achievements.
Edwardsville set to turn 100 next month
June 15, 2015
Edwardsville reaches a major milestone next month. Edwardsville became a city of the third class in late July, 1915, making the community 100 years old!
Operation of linotype once a valuable skill
June 9, 2015
When I turned 16 years old in March 1953, I entered a world that would be my career and lifelong work.
Happy Birthday, Basehor: City marks 50 years
June 1, 2015
Probably we should be breaking into a chorus of “Happy Birthday to Basehor.” Basehor is now 50 years old as a city.
Lifetime of changes apparent with birthplace visit
May 25, 2015
If there is one truth that is constant every day, it is that there will be change. This became evident to me last week when Jean and I took a trip to Garnett to decorate my parents and grandparents’ graves.
Constant campaigning creating apathetic voters
May 19, 2015
There has been a great deal of concern over what appears to be a growing nation-wide epidemic of voter apathy.
Weekend a reminder that ‘all’s well that ends well’
May 11, 2015
Last week, I had a frustrating, busy and in many ways unique Saturday and Sunday.
Reviewing the legacy of a ‘good, but unfortunate’ president
May 4, 2015
I asked some folks who was the president just a century ago in 1915. Only a few knew that it was Woodrow Wilson.