Letters to the editor

Letter: Thanks for Marble Day coverage
May 29, 2013
To the editor: The Chieftain coverage and photos of the Bonner Springs Marble Day Parade were enjoyable print edition features the week of May 9, 2013.
To the editor: Thanks for support
March 6, 2013
From the Police Department to the treasured staff at Alden-Harrington and through the last note of Taps at his inurnment, the Bonner Springs community was heartwarming in its sympathy and support.
Letter: Lights on display
December 13, 2012
We would like for the people in Bonner come see our light show, 623 S. Deerfield Dr.
Letter: Beware city pay increases
June 6, 2012
To the editor: With the change in Basehor’s chief executive, it appears we are headed the way of Bell, Calif., the city so infamous for paying its employees more than the president of the United States.
Letter: Memorial Day thanks
June 6, 2012
To the editor: We wish to thank everyone who attended the 2012 Memorial Day Service on Monday, May 28, at the Bonner Springs Cemetery.
Letter: Lack of female representation in Basehor
April 19, 2012
Taxation without representation is a situation in which a government imposes taxes on a particular group of the citizens, despite the citizens not consenting OR having an actual representative deliver their views.
Letter: Mertz addresses recall charges
February 23, 2012
Editor’s note: This letter, addressed to Basehor residents, was submitted to the Sentinel by Basehor City Council President Dennis Mertz.
Letter: Basehor mayor addresses recall charges
February 15, 2012
Editor’s note: This letter, addressed to Basehor residents, was submitted to the Sentinel by Basehor Mayor Terry Hill.
Letter: Water rate increase too big
February 1, 2012
Suburban Water sent notice of another huge increase and an upcoming Kansas Corporation Commission hearing so that the public will have some opportunity to provide minimal input on the issue.
Letter: Concerned about new zoning
January 18, 2012
To the editor: Some residents of Bonner Springs are not happy with the possibility of additional apartment buildings being built on the east side of 132nd Street, south of Kansas Avenue and north of Heritage Drive.
Letters: Save the Carnegie Arts Center
December 28, 2011
In 2012, the Carnegie Arts Center should celebrate its 25th anniversary.
Letter: Commission taking action
December 14, 2011
To the editor: Kudos to the Board of County Commissioners for again discussing formation of a “blue ribbon” committee.
Letter: Appreciate what we have
November 30, 2011
With the fact that students of foreign countries routinely outpace USA students in math, one has to ask why.
Letter: Skeptical of mayor’s intentions
November 22, 2011
To the editor: “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” is a quotation from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and seems apropos considering what is happening in our town of Basehor.
Letter to the editor: Thanks for honoring veterans
November 16, 2011
Congratulations to the Bonner Springs Elementary School teachers and students who showed all that they could present a wonderful program for Veterans Day.