Letters to the editor

Letter: City rank-and-file struggling
May 5, 2011
The city of Bonner Springs should be ashamed of itself.
Letter: Thanks for the recognition
April 28, 2011
To the editor: We would like to thank Mayor Clausie Smith and the city of Bonner Springs for the special recognition given to all of the many volunteers who give of their time for our city.
Letter: Thanks to voters
April 14, 2011
Thank you to all in Ward III who got out and voted and made it possible for me to serve and represent you in Bonner Springs city government.
Thankful candidate
April 14, 2011
I want to say thanks to all the people who voted in the election and the people who voted for me.
Letter to the editor: Be cautious about scams
March 30, 2011
Remember, if it seems odd or raises red flags, please think carefully before responding. If you have any qualms about sending information or money to a stranger, please call the FBI.
Letters: Wrestlers congratulated
March 10, 2011
I enjoyed Chris Wristen’s sports coverage of the Bonner Springs High School state wrestling team.
Letters: Blame city for grocery closing
March 3, 2011
Don’t cry about lost sales tax for the city of Basehor! It’s the fault of city officials who for some reason want a very expensive roadway to be built between 155th and 158th streets.
Letter: Reduce Field of Dreams fees for Basehor residents, mayor says
February 25, 2011
In a letter to Basehor residents, Mayor Terry Hill supports a reduction in participation fees for Basehor residents at the Field of Dreams athletic facility.
Letters: Booster fundraiser a success
February 24, 2011
The Bonner Springs Booster Club, Laurie Steuart and Dawn Jackson would like to thank everyone that made our Silent Auction/Chris Cakes night a success.
Letters: Kasselman memories
February 3, 2011
I want to thank Coach Lew Kasselman for his 15 years of dedicated service as the Bonner Springs High School varsity head football coach.
Letters: Thanks for the assistance
February 3, 2011
Over two weeks in January, Basehor-Linwood High School has sponsored two huge tournaments that could not have been possible without the collective efforts of a lot of different people.
Letters: Unhappy wiith ordinance
January 27, 2011
Regarding the letter that was sent out last week by the city of Basehor: Too bad we didn’t get this letter before the Basehor City Council voted on the sewer hike and the trash hike. I’m sure lots of people would have noticed about their concerns.
Letter: Error in judgment
January 20, 2011
To the editor: After reading the article about the sewer service rate hike in our local paper, I could not believe my eyes.
Letter: Sewer increase will hurt
January 13, 2011
To the editor: Why did we let Glenwood Estates connect to the city of Basehor sewers and not charge the out-of-city fee of $4,200?