Letters to the editor

Letter: Project’s backers thanked
January 13, 2011
To the editor: On behalf of the Basehor-Linwood Assistance Services we would like to thank the many other businesses, organizations and individuals who also supported us.
Letter: Snow removal services lacking
January 13, 2011
To the editor: We were promised to maintain if not improve services in our area when we were annexed.
Letter to the editor: Simple reason for serving
December 23, 2010
There are many reasons that people have for serving or not serving in the military. I have a long list of reasons for why I serve.
Letter to the editor: Finding fossils
December 16, 2010
Did you know every day, locally owned companies crush history?
Letter to the editor: Give thanks for Muriel Jared
December 9, 2010
Thank you for the Chieftain article on longtime former Bonner Springs High School algebra teacher and Vaughn-Trent volunteer Muriel Jared (Nov. 11 Chieftain).
Letter: Nod to Mark Twain
December 2, 2010
“Mark Twain, 100 Years Later,” a presentation Oct. 23 at the Basehor-Linwood High School was fantastic.
Take part in Adoption Month
November 11, 2010
November is National Adoption Month. In Kansas there are more than 5,000 children in foster care and approximately 900 of them are waiting to be adopted. Can you imagine the lives many of these young kids have led? Not one person to feed them, to read to them, to tuck them into bed. Not one person to support their desire to become an artist, a dancer, a soccer player.
Letter to the editor: Vote for more public input
October 14, 2010
Kansas is alone in its judicial selection process. No other state provides lawyers and bar associations a dominating role in the judicial nomination process like Kansas. 
Letters: Vote for more public input
October 14, 2010
Kansas is alone in its judicial selection process. No other state provides lawyers and bar associations a dominating role in the judicial nomination process like Kansas.
Birthday kindness appreciated
September 23, 2010
The family of Harry and Audrey Kelley would like to thank all those who attended and recognized Harry’s 90th birthday.
Letter: Mayor’s reports on health, Royals are positive news
September 9, 2010
To the editor: While reading the Sept. 2 Chieftain, I was happy to hear Bonner Springs Mayor Clausie Smith went to a Royals baseball game, which he wrote about in his column. He also appeared in a Chieftain photo awarding the Wheelers the Marion Vaughn Community Service Award.
Letter to the editor: Saving fifth-grade band
September 8, 2010
As you may recall, the Bonner Springs USD 204 elementary schools will not be offering the opportunity to learn an instrument this year.
Letter to the editor: Leavenworth County commissioners need to listen about airpor
September 2, 2010
To the editor: I see that the Leavenworth County commissioners aren’t listening to their constituents about not wanting an airport in Leavenworth County.
Honor the community givers
August 26, 2010
One truth that cannot be forgotten is that children greatly determine how much you care about them by seeing how much time you spend with them.