Who is the hardest person to shop for at the holidays and why?

Asked at Petro Deli, Lansing on December 2, 2004

Photo of Daniel Rollins

Daniel Rollins (Clerk in Leavenworth) says...

I'm already done. I just bought everybody shot glasses.

Photo of David Freeman

David Freeman (Lansing High School special education teacher in Overland Park) says...

Had to be my ex-wife. Never satisfied her - she took back everything I bought.

Photo of Nikki Duff

Nikki Duff (Clerk in Leavenworth) says...

Probably my mother. You know, she's been such a good mom, I don't really know what to get her, even though she'll like anything you get her because it's from her kids. But nothing is really good enough for your mom.

Photo of Mike Haggett

Mike Haggett (Cook in Lansing) says...

My three kids because they change their mind on what they want all the time. Every time they see a commercial, they want something new.


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