What would you like to see in the city's new park land?

Asked at Lansing Elementary School on December 16, 2004

Photo of Chandra Lemke

Chandra Lemke (Cashier in Leavenworth) says...

Really nice play equipment for the kids. Picnic tables - that sounds good.

Photo of Lilly Dorsey

Lilly Dorsey (Teacher in Lansing) says...

Walking and jogging trails. Playground equipment. I'd really like to see a swimming pool.

Photo of Michelle McQuillan

Michelle McQuillan (Fort Leavenworth employee in Leavenworth) says...

Nice park equipment, maybe all the fields - soccer, football - encompassed in one with a concession stand.

Photo of Ryan Rothmeyer

Ryan Rothmeyer (Teacher in Lansing) says...

Lots of playground equipment for the kids. A swimming pool, for sure - Lansing needs a swimming pool.


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