Why was it important for you to vote?

Asked at St. Francis de Sales on November 4, 2004

Photo of Bobbie French

Bobbie French (Resident in Lansing) says...

It's a family affair - it's my youngest son's first time to vote. It's a big deal.

Photo of Eric French

Eric French (Residents in Lansing) says...

For my voice to be heard. And it's my first time, so it's a big deal.

Photo of Randy Dorf

Randy Dorf (Resident in Lansing) says...

I think it's important for the people to select their leaders.

Photo of Rose Stephenson

Rose Stephenson (Resident in Lansing) says...

Because it's my patriotic duty, and if I want to make a difference in the government, I have to vote. As they say, every vote counts.


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