What do you think the chances are of either of the two Kansans to win "Survivor: Guatemala"?

Asked at Wood Oil on August 17, 2005

Photo of Rachel Pride

Rachel Pride (Lansing High School sophomore in Lansing) says...

I think they have as good a chance as anyone else. They're from Kansas, so they're probably not used to the heat.

Photo of Terry Davis

Terry Davis (Sign fabrication foreman in Lansing) says...

I think their chances are good. Kansans are tough.

Photo of Jeff Goodlin

Jeff Goodlin (dishwasher in Lansing) says...

I don't know. Pretty good.

Photo of David Spain

David Spain (Corrections officer in Lansing) says...

I didn't know any were on that because I hate that show. So I wouldn't know what their chances are; probably a snowball's in hell.


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