Would you consider getting a new hybrid for your next car?

Asked at Pizza Hut, 407 N. Main St. on December 1, 2005

Photo of Tequilla Kins

Tequilla Kins (Juvenile detention officer in Lansing) says...

Yes. That'll be my next (car) purchase, with gas prices the way they are.

Photo of Ben Reynolds

Ben Reynolds (Correctional counselor in Atchison) says...

Yes, if the price was right.

Photo of Shaun Robbins

Shaun Robbins (Waiter in Lansing) says...

Yes. I think it'd be a lot cheaper. I'd do it for the environment, mostly.

Photo of Rod Low

Rod Low (Training simulation consultant in Leavenworth) says...

Yeah. I'm not sure how much more I'd (be willing to) pay.


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