What do you think is the best way for people to avoid drinking and driving when going to parties this holiday season?

Asked at Lansing Post Office, 617 Holiday Plaza on December 8, 2005

Photo of Birgit Solien

Birgit Solien (Homemaker in Lansing) says...

Make sure they have a designated driver.

Photo of Janet Reichert

Janet Reichert (Legal secretary in Lansing) says...

Drink moderately or stay at home.

Photo of Roslyn Barnes

Roslyn Barnes (Retired in Lansing) says...

Just abstain from alcoholic beverages, period, because it's killing our teenagers and adults.

Photo of Andrea Novotny

Andrea Novotny (Homemaker in Tonganoxie) says...

Have a designated driver. If I have four friends, I have them do rock-paper-scissors, and whoever loses drives.


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