Who was your favorite president and why?

Asked at Lansing Post Office on February 17, 2005

Photo of Geoffrey Gates

Geoffrey Gates (Private Investigator in Lansing) says...

Ronald Reagan. I just thought he was the most effective.

Photo of Michael Bromell

Michael Bromell (Hallmark employee in Lansing) says...

Bill Clinton. It was a time for good - we were making money, we weren't at war, the unemployment rate was way down. It was better than it is now.

Photo of Jerry Traynham

Jerry Traynham (Performance developer in Lansing) says...

Reagan. He was the best thing that ever happened to this country. He united our country... He was the reason so many things changed.

Photo of Joel Williams

Joel Williams (U.S. Army in Leavenworth) says...

Abraham Lincoln. He was willing to stand up for some unpopular things and got killed for it.


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