How do you deal with the bitter cold?

Asked at 7-Eleven on January 20, 2005

Photo of Maryanne Ducharme

Maryanne Ducharme (Clerk in Lansing) says...

As usual. I turn on the heat, but not too high because I don't want to pay that much. Try not to go out as much as possible. And when I know the cold spell's coming, I go to the store and buy a lot of food because I know I won't be going out.

Photo of Rose Turner

Rose Turner (Pharmacy assistant in Leavenworth) says...

The cold's not bad, it's the ice. I could do without the ice.

Photo of Terry Barrera

Terry Barrera (Auto Zone parts sales manager in Platte City, Mo.) says...

I got a job where I work indoors - I make the other people go outside.

Photo of Joseph Barrera

Joseph Barrera (Unemployed in Platte City, Mo.) says...

Watch TV, stay inside.


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