How many people do you think have moved to Lansing in the last couple of years?

Asked at Wood Oil on July 7, 2005

Photo of Elizabeth Atkins

Elizabeth Atkins (Chiropractic assistant in Lansing) says...

Probably 200. I just moved here from Leavenworth.

Photo of Donnie Hiatt

Donnie Hiatt (Construction worker in Olathe) says...

I don't really know. It does seem to have grown. There's more business and more traffic.

Photo of Steve Hays

Steve Hays (Aviation analyst in Shawnee) says...

I don't even have a clue. I've been out of the country for two years. I have noticed the increased traffic.

Photo of Chris Mullins

Chris Mullins (Driver for disposal company in Lansing) says...

I don't know. Too many. The city is annexing too much of the county.


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