Are you going to curb your driving habits now that gas is more than $2 per gallon?

Asked at Petro Deli on March 9, 2005

Photo of Chisr Tijerina

Chisr Tijerina (Petro Deli employee in Lansing) says...

I started walking to work.

Photo of Cindy Jaccard

Cindy Jaccard (Owner and operator of Petro Deli in rural Leavenworth) says...

No, I'm pretty thrifty with my driving anyway.

Photo of Alan Bundy

Alan Bundy (City of Leavenworth in Leavenworth) says...

No. We don't go out of town a lot.

Photo of Matthew Cosgrove

Matthew Cosgrove (Parts technician in Lansing) says...

I'm panning on buying a Vespa because they have good gas milieage.


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