What do you think of traffic law enforcement in Lansing?

Asked at Wood Oil on May 5, 2005

Photo of Corey Gray

Corey Gray (Lawn maintenance worker in Lansing) says...

It's not too bad, but it could be better. The other day I got a ticket for crossing the line into a turning lane. They could be more lenient.

Photo of Stacy Gash

Stacy Gash (Computer systems installer in Independence, Mo.) says...

I haven't had any experiences with traffic law here. The police seem to be doing their job.

Photo of Mike Dines

Mike Dines (House painter in Leavenworth) says...

They're doing their jobs. Plenty of people get stopped.

Photo of Lynn Paul

Lynn Paul (Unemployed in Tonganoxie) says...

They haven't stopped me. I think they're doing a good job pulling people over doing 50 down here.


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