What business would you like to see in the old Dairy Queen's location?

Asked at Lansing Post Office, 617 Holiday Plaza on May 12, 2005

Photo of Jan Beach

Jan Beach (Clerk in Leavenworth County) says...

We could always use more fast food. Something besides a burger joint; a nice restaurant, maybe.

Photo of Ellen Ferguson

Ellen Ferguson (Historical presentation guide in Lansing) says...

Another Dairy Queen.

Photo of Bev Pruter

Bev Pruter (Manager, Leavenworth Rentals in Lansing) says...

Arby's, because I'm going to the one in Bonner Springs to get me a sandwich now.

Photo of Ben Domann

Ben Domann (Owner, Domann Homes L.L.C. in Winchester) says...

I'd like to have my office there.


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