What are your plans for Halloween?

Asked at Wood Oil, 109 4-H Road on October 26, 2005

Photo of Mark Hoyt

Mark Hoyt (Store manager in Lansing) says...

Take our kids our trick-or-treating. I'm dressing up as a not-so-happy-camper, with bug bites, a camp T-shirt and marshmellows stuck to my pants.

Photo of Errol Logue

Errol Logue (High school teacher and coach in Lansing) says...

Handing out candy to kids.

Photo of Grady Barksdale

Grady Barksdale (Carpet installer in Lansing) says...

My daughter always dresses me up every year; it's up to her as what.

Photo of Tom Young

Tom Young (Sign company owner in Lansing) says...

My sons are going to be the devil and Napoleon Dynamite. Usually I'm scary enough without makeup.


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