Would you risk a $100 ticket to make a left-hand turn on Ida at Main Street?

Asked at LHS track meet. on April 6, 2006

Photo of Merle Delinger

Merle Delinger (Registered nurse in Lansing) says...

No. And I live across the street from Lansing Middle School, so I drive through there every day on my way home from work.

Photo of Keele McLaurin

Keele McLaurin (Student in Lansing) says...

No, because my mother would kill me.

Photo of Margaret McLaurin

Margaret McLaurin (Consultant in Lansing) says...

Negative. Money is too precious to me.

Photo of Susan Radovich

Susan Radovich (Parent in Lansing) says...

No, although I've seen about three or four people turn left in front of me at that intersection.


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