How much holiday decorating do you do at your house?

Asked at Lansing Post Office on December 7, 2006

Photo of Mel Cape

Mel Cape (Consultant in Lansing) says...

Quite a bit. The typical stuff, like reindeer in the yard and icicle lights. It's all for the grandchildren.

Photo of Roger Pruter

Roger Pruter (Retired military in Lansing) says...

I do none.

Photo of Cheryl Murra

Cheryl Murra (Teacher in Weston, Mo.) says...

Slightly above normal. We put up a tree, lights outside and then decorate different rooms in the house.

Photo of Caroline Camp

Caroline Camp (Beautician in Lansing) says...

I've got all of my decorations up, except for at the beauty shop. I haven't done that yet.


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