What do you think about the progress of the school construction projects?

Asked at Lansing Post Office on December 14, 2006

Photo of Cheryl Garrison

Cheryl Garrison (Nurse in Lansing) says...

It appears - from what I know about construction - tht they're progressing as much as they can.

Photo of Yvonne Fehlauer

Yvonne Fehlauer (Full-time mom/homeschool teacher in Lansing) says...

I don't know because I homeschool my kids.

Photo of Chris DeMarco

Chris DeMarco (Diesel mechanic in Lansing) says...

Lansing's got a great school district ... It's nice to see it progressing.

Photo of Tonia Mein

Tonia Mein (Homemaker in Lansing) says...

To tell you the truth, I haven't even gone by to look.


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