What do you think of a proposed ban on smoking in public places in Lansing?

Asked at Lansing Post Office, 617 Holiday Plaza on January 11, 2006

Photo of Lisa Blanck

Lisa Blanck (Mortgage loan manager in Easton) says...

I think that there should be a separate area provided for smokers instead of a ban because they're not criminals.

Photo of Bob Hadwick

Bob Hadwick (disabled in Lansing) says...

I think it's great. I'm all for it.

Photo of Larry Wiseman

Larry Wiseman (retired in Leavenworth) says...

I'm opposed to it. I think you should have the right to smoke if you want, if they have a right to sell cigarettes.

Photo of Kelly Mann

Kelly Mann (Computer programmer in Lansing) says...

I love it. I'm sick and tired of going to Applebee's and leaving having my hair smelling like smoke.


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