What are you doing to cope with the summer heat?

Asked at Lansing Post Office on June 21, 2006

Photo of Diane Greenhager

Diane Greenhager (Retired in Leavenworth) says...

Turn on the air conditioner.

Photo of Rick Sargent

Rick Sargent (Retired in Lansing) says...

I adjust my shades to block sunlight from entering the house. I also set my thermostat at an even temperature.

Photo of Mary Jackson

Mary Jackson (Retired in Lansing) says...

I buy groceries, and then hurry home to put them in the freezer.

Photo of Dave Mathieson

Dave Mathieson (Service sales agent in Lenexa) says...

Drinking lots of water. And when I go to talk to my customers, I talk a lot so I can enjoy their A.C.


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