How are you coping with the first stages of the Main Street Project?

Asked at Lansing Post Office on May 31, 2006

Photo of Cindy Snodgrass

Cindy Snodgrass (Teacher in Lansing) says...

I suppose it's just something I have to deal with until they get it finished. It's progress.

Photo of Matt Humphreys

Matt Humphreys (Student in Lansing) says...

I just kind of go around it. I like the scenic route.

Photo of Barbara Wiley

Barbara Wiley (Retired in Leavenworth County) says...

It'll be great when you finally get it finished.

Photo of Sue Birdsall

Sue Birdsall (Homemaker in Lansing) says...

So far, so good. I avoid that area. I just drive around it.


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