Do you pay attention to negative political advertising? Why?

Asked at Petro Deli, Lansing on November 9, 2006

Photo of Samantha Moreland

Samantha Moreland (Student in Lansing) says...

Not really; they just get really annoying after a while.

Photo of Henry Wolfe

Henry Wolfe (Fort Leavenworth contractor in Lansing) says...

No I don't because that is exactly what it is: negative. I don't think most of it is true.

Photo of Samantha Mitchell

Samantha Mitchell (Assistant manager in Lansing ) says...

I have heard some of them. I try not to pay attention, but they're everywhere.

Photo of Mary Manion

Mary Manion (Marketing director in Lansing) says...

I think it's stupid. It is a waste of peoples' time. You can find the truth out for yourself through research without these kind of ads.


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