What are you most looking forward to at the new Lansing Elementary School?

Asked at Lansing Elementary School on September 14, 2006

Photo of Courtney Marshall, 7

Courtney Marshall, 7 (Second-grader in ) says...

A bigger library and new bathrooms.

Photo of Brendan Jamerson, 8

Brendan Jamerson, 8 (Second-grader in ) says...

More friends to play with.

Photo of Marissa Schimke, 6

Marissa Schimke, 6 (First-grader in ) says...

A new classroom that's bigger with windows.

Photo of Remington Walters, 9

Remington Walters, 9 (Third-grader in ) says...

A new lunchroom with a separate gym and varieties of classrooms.


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