Snow is in the forecast. When is the latest you remember it snowing?

Asked at Petro Deli on April 12, 2007

Photo of Brian Warczakoski

Brian Warczakoski (EMT, firefighter in Lansing) says...

March, when I was younger. I wish it was sunny and 80 now.

Photo of Mike Filbert

Mike Filbert (Superior Volvo North in Lansing) says...

May 20, 1954. I used to walk to school and I remember snow on the windshields of cars and on the roofs of houses.

Photo of Betty Fenton

Betty Fenton (Petro Deli cashier in Lansing) says...

April around Easter. I can remember snow on Easter as a kid.

Photo of Rebecca Savidge

Rebecca Savidge (city employee in Lansing) says...

I remember when I was 6 or 7 and it snowed on Easter day. We were hunting for Easter eggs and there were little tracks on the porch.


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