Do you have a favorite prom memory?

Asked at La Mesa Mexican Restaurant on April 26, 2007

Photo of Brian Lahey

Brian Lahey (Psychiatrist in Overland Park) says...

I think my senior year I took a sophomore. She had to be home by midnight.

Photo of Kathleen Mikesich

Kathleen Mikesich (Retired in Bonner Springs) says...

My date had a nosebleed and had on a white dinner jacket.

Photo of Brian Rees

Brian Rees (Construction Supervisor in Lansing) says...

I just remember how hot my date was ... she was way above me.

Photo of Alicia Mein

Alicia Mein (Code Enforcement Officer in Lansing) says...

Honestly, I didn't have a date and went to prom with a group of friends. We ended up having a lot of fun, though.


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