What would you like to see built in Town Center

Asked at Lansing Post Office on February 22, 2007

Photo of Ray Hrenchir

Ray Hrenchir (Retired engineer in rural Lansing) says...

We need a Target store especially now that we lost not only Sears but JCPenney.

Photo of Brad Turner

Brad Turner (Owner, Lansing Complete Carpet Care in Lansing) says...

I'd like to see a family style, 24-hour restaurant.

Photo of Lynne Pippin

Lynne Pippin (School Nurse, Lansing Elementary in Lansing) says...

Absolutely Target; or maybe Kohl's, because they have clothing and such.

Photo of Robert St. John

Robert St. John (Retired Military in Lansing) says...

I'd like to see a sporting goods store. It's especially needed for the schools.


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