What do you remember most about President Gerald R. Ford?

Asked at Fort Leavenworth on January 4, 2007

Photo of Spc. Christopher Smith

Spc. Christopher Smith ( in Huntsville, Ala) says...

He took over for Nixon. He gave the country hope again when we were in down times. That's what I remember most.

Photo of Staff Sgt. Jeremey Allen

Staff Sgt. Jeremey Allen ( in Palo, Iowa) says...

All I can remember is he took office after Nixon resigned.

Photo of Cmd. Sgt. Maj. Marsicia Diggs

Cmd. Sgt. Maj. Marsicia Diggs ( in New Haven, Conn.) says...

I actually had the opportunity to view the funeral yesterday, and from what I saw, he was an incredibly well-rounded leader.

Photo of Sgt. Joseph R. Ward Jr.

Sgt. Joseph R. Ward Jr. ( in Hampton, Va.) says...

Anything I know about Gerald Ford I know from a history book. The nation has lost a president.


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