Should the county pay for the continuing education of its employees?

Asked at Lansing Post Office on July 5, 2007

Photo of Bob (and Casey) St. John

Bob (and Casey) St. John (Retired Military in Lansing) says...

I don't know It's up to the different agencies because they all have different training requirements. If it's required for their job, I guess so.

Photo of Marsha Shultz

Marsha Shultz (Lansing Correctional Facility employee in Lansing) says...

Yes, I think they should. I work for the state, and I think an employer that wants their employees to improve : if they pay for their education, they'd stick around longer. I wish the state would do that.

Photo of Marty Thomas

Marty Thomas (Mechanic in Lansing) says...

I think they should. If they want them to be in the top of the class, they should send them back to school to get trained.


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