What would you do if you bought something at a garage sale that wasn't what you thought it was, and it turned out to be of great value

Asked at Lansing Post Office on July 12, 2007

Photo of Greg Nelson

Greg Nelson (Photographer in Lansing) says...

If it was something totally different than I thought it was, then I'd probably take it back to the family. If it was (something) of value, though, and I knew that when I bought it, I'd probably keep it.

Photo of Will Barnes

Will Barnes (Retired in Lansing) says...

I'd take it back, because the honest thing to do would be to return it.

Photo of Homer Cory

Homer Cory (Retired in Rural Lansing) says...

I might take it back to see if they wanted to keep it if it was more valuable than what I paid for it.

Photo of Kathryn Daniel

Kathryn Daniel (Retired in Lansing) says...

I would turn it back in. I'm a Christian.


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