The Lansing School Board recently approved a four percent, across-the-board salary increase for teachers and administrators. How do you feel about the raise?

Asked at Lansing Post Office on June 14, 2007

Photo of Dennis Wacker

Dennis Wacker (HVAC Technician in Lansing) says...

The teachers never get paid enough. And they're the ones molding our kids. With the administrators, though, some of them are overpaid and some aren't.

Photo of Jeff Cunningham

Jeff Cunningham (Corrections Counselor in Lansing) says...

I think it's great. Teachers are the focal point of our youth growing up, and as a state employee with lots of friends who are teachers, whenever I see them getting a raise I'm all for it.

Photo of Gay Savino

Gay Savino (Registered Nurse, Lansing Correctional Facility in Lansing) says...

I think four percent across the board is too much. I'm a state employee, too, and I only got a two percent raise ... Teachers, yes, they're important. I think recently, though, professionals have been ignored. Teachers get the summers, snow days and weekends off. For the amount of money they're getting, they need to do more.


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