What is your favorite springtime activity in Lansing?

Asked at Lansing Post Office on March 22, 2007

Photo of Mike Wright

Mike Wright (Retired Army officer in Rural Lansing) says...

My wife and I go out walking and enjoy the nice spring weather after the winter.

Photo of DeeDee Eberle

DeeDee Eberle (Nonprofit consultant in Lansing) says...

My girlfriend and I like trying new places to eat for lunch every week. We both work at home, so it's nice to get out of the home office.

Photo of Tim Yevak

Tim Yevak (Lansing Correctional Facility officer in Leavenworth) says...

Being able to sit out in the nice, fresh air, and playing softball.

Photo of Carol and Marie Gerety

Carol and Marie Gerety ( in Lansing) says...

We just did it. Planting seeds for the flowerbeds.


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