How were you affected by flooding earlier this week?

Asked at Lansing Post Office on May 10, 2007

Photo of Brenda Gnage

Brenda Gnage (Retired from the state of Kansas in Lansing) says...

My backyard has been. Water comes off the street, down my neighbor's driveway and into my yard.

Photo of Donald Edmonds

Donald Edmonds (Correctional officer in Lansing) says...

I wasn't personally. There wasn't much going on where I live ... I'm in the county, but I'm on top of a hill

Photo of Terry Vosilus

Terry Vosilus (Domestic Engineer in Lansing) says...

There was just one road I couldn't go down ... I think it was 2nd Street in Leavenworth.

Photo of Adrienne Domke

Adrienne Domke (School Cook in Lansing) says...

Thankfully, I was not. We had a soupy yard, but no real problem.


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