Have you seen many deer this year?

Asked at Lansing Post Office on November 29, 2007

Photo of Cliff Martin

Cliff Martin (Recent college graduate in Lansing) says...

I did see some over by where Dillon's is ... and on the back road to St. Mary.

Photo of Tom Black

Tom Black (Retired in Lansing) says...

Actually, this year I haven't seen as many deer as I have in the past.

Photo of Inge Marrero

Inge Marrero (Former school teacher in Lansing) says...

Oh yeah, I've seen dead deer. People driving too fast, I guess, or they're not able to find food, and so they're looking.

Photo of Jeff Burris

Jeff Burris (Co-Owner, Lansing Auto Mart in Rural Basehor) says...

Yeah, well I live out in the country. I don't see them in Highway 7 or anything, but I saw about three of them last night out in the pasture.


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