Would you shop at a new Wal-Mart Supercenter in Leavenworth?

Asked at Lansing Post Office on March 6, 2008

Photo of Delores Alexander

Delores Alexander (Retired in Lansing) says...

Yeah, because it would offer a better grocery store than we have around here.

Photo of Cindy Geiger

Cindy Geiger (Retired in Leavenworth) says...

Yeah, I would. I think we need to keep trying to improve the city. I know people aren't happy about it ... The thing I'm not happy about is the vacant stores.

Photo of Chris Aus

Chris Aus (Barista in Lansing) says...

Yeah, if the parking's better. I don't go to Wal-Mart any more than I have to, but, yes, I go.

Photo of Kelly Lilleston

Kelly Lilleston (Human Resources Representative in Leavenworth) says...

Yes, because I live here, and it's close. They've been promising one for so long, it would be nice if we finally got it.


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