Do you have a pick in this year's NCAA tournament?

Asked at Lansing Post Office on March 20, 2008

Photo of Jerry Linaweaver

Jerry Linaweaver (Vice President, Linaweaver Construction in Lansing) says...

"KU. I've been following them for years."

Photo of Bill MacDonald

Bill MacDonald (Employee, Northrop Grumman in Lansing) says...

"I actually have two picks. The one I want to win is Clemson I'm an alumni and also, going with the ACC, my father went to North Carolina, so that's my second choice."

Photo of Michelle Wilson

Michelle Wilson (Police Response Advocate in Leavenworth) says...

"I don't follow sports. I grew up in Germany, so soccer, yes, but anything else, no."

Photo of Jerry Huffman

Jerry Huffman (Facility Manager, Hallmark in Leavenworth) says...



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