In light of the controversy surrounding professional golfer Tiger Woods, do you think celebrities' lives should be subject to public scrutiny?

December 10, 2009

Photo of Dustin Care

Dustin Care (Recreation coordinator for the Bonner Springs Parks and Recreation Department in ) says...

“No. It makes for good entertainment, but people shouldn’t always have to feel like they are living in a fish bowl.”

Photo of Christi Diggs

Christi Diggs (Basehor Aflac representative in ) says...

“If one wants to receive the praise and attention, than it is fair to be measured in that same light. Not one of us has lived a perfect life but if you commit adultery or a criminal act, it is wrong in public or private.”

Photo of Crystal Swann Blackdeer

Crystal Swann Blackdeer (Leavenworth County Humane Society director in ) says...

“It’s a simple fact of life in today’s world. Everyone’s life is open to scrutiny.”


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