What is a sure sign to you that spring is here for good?

March 12, 2009

Photo of Gene Myracle

Gene Myracle (Basehor city superintendent in ) says...

“When the wild turkeys start struttin’ and the morel mushrooms start poppin,' spring is here for good.”

Photo of Monica Sorenson

Monica Sorenson (Bonner Springs High School student council president in ) says...

“Spring is the first day when it is not only warm outside, but everything smells fresh and makes you think of summer. And with that smell comes allergies — then you really know it’s here!”

Photo of Jill Jenkins

Jill Jenkins (Owner, Magnum Opus in ) says...

“If the temperature stays in the upper 60s during the day and above 40 at night for at least two weeks straight, we can hope that spring is here for good.”


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