What would you say to someone who told you, "I'm not going to vote because my vote doesn't matter?"

March 26, 2009

Photo of Jill Jenkins

Jill Jenkins (Owner, Magnum Opus in ) says...

Voting is a privilege that too many people take for granted. Every vote counts! Just ask former Bonner Springs senator, Al Ramirez. There is a reason why we call him ‘Landslide.’

Photo of Monica Sorenson

Monica Sorenson (Bonner Springs High School student council president in ) says...

That's fine, but then you don't get any right to complain about the president's actions or the state of our country. You vote — you have a say.

Photo of Gene Myracle Jr.

Gene Myracle Jr. (Basehor city superintendent in ) says...

I would tell them, ‘Don’t you watch "Survivor"?’ From elected officials, bond issues, etc. People need to get out and vote to try to keep some control of their rights.


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