What are your thoughts on using a cell phone while driving?

October 22, 2009

Photo of Phil Jenkins

Phil Jenkins (Basehor Veterans of Foreign Wars junior vice commander in Basehor) says...

“Cell phone use when driving should be restricted. Use it when you must, keep it short, hang up!”

Photo of Vicky Wheeler

Vicky Wheeler (Bonner Springs Elementary School teacher in Bonner Springs) says...

“Talking on cell phones while driving is not safe, but texting is just plain reckless and dangerous. However, I think everyone talks on them, and I am as guilty as anyone.”

Photo of William "Heinz" Rodgers

William "Heinz" Rodgers (Former Edwardsville mayor in Edwardsville) says...

“I think some people are dangerous when having a conversation with someone else in the car and driving … and are especially a safety hazard when talking on a cell phone …”


Jason Bailey 8 years, 6 months ago on What are your thoughts on using a cell phone while driving?

Why must we focus on the evil cell phone like it's a smoldering tobacco stick hanging from someone's lips? There are a myriad of devices in cars these days that are distracting and equally hazardous. What about those GPS devices stuck in the front window creating a blind spot (that the manufacturer never intended and therefore was never included in safety tests)? They are just as dangerous, and arguably, more dangerous than talking on the cell phone.

You also have to separate a bluetooth hands-free devices from holding the cell phone to your ear leaving only one hand on the wheel. What about the Microsoft/Ford Sync technology in cars?

Sorry but this is like the govt going after Big Tobacco. One industry, one product tarred and feathered when the problem is much larger than one device.


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